Technical, legal and economic translations

Translate of technical documentation is best left to technical translators. A good translator of technical texts, in addition to a good knowledge of the language, must fully understand the material he is translating. Technical translations are one of the most common areas of our work. Since the term translation of technical documentation includes the translation of various types of technical documents (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, construction, architecture and informatics), Bossnumerik has translators - engineers specialized in translating certain technical documentation. A team of technical translators is organized to translate a larger amount of technical documentation.
Translating legal documents is significantly different from the literary translation, scientific or technical texts, therefore for the translating legal texts you need a translator or a court interpreter who is expert in translating legal terminology.

It is extremely important for the legal translation texts that those texts are clear, unambiguous and accurate, and that the obligation to keep confidential information is ensured. In addition, it is necessary to adhere to the correct legal terms.

We are committed to maintaining the data confidentiality when we translating legal documents.
For financial documents translation, we continuously receive positive feedback from our clients. Our translations of financial texts, translations of audit reports and other economic translations are translations of the highest quality.

The translation of company documents may include the translation of the following documentation:

- translation of the social contract

- translation of the statement of incorporation

- translation of an excerpt from the court register

- translation of the financial report

- translation of the audit report

- translation of the statistical report

- balance sheet translation

- translation of profit and loss account

- invoice translation

- accounts chart translation

- translation of the company's statute

- translation of the founding act

- translation of the Decision on entry in the court register

- translation of the Notice on classification of the business entity

- translation of accounting and bookkeeping documentation


Croatia's entry into the European Union has opened new opportunities for Croatian businessmen. Translation of marketing materials and various promotional materials comes as a necessity when making decisions about entering a foreign market. In addition, the translation of promotional brochures or catalogs is often done for the purposes of a public tender. Translations of marketing or promotional materials must accurately present the activities of your company and provide true information about it.

For the purpose of marketing promotions, brochures are translated, websites are translated, catalogs are translated, presentations are made and other promotional materials are introduced. We translate promotional materials delivered in any electronic format, while taking care to preserve the appearance of the original document.

We translate various types of advertising materials such as:

- translating corporate websites

- translation of marketing materials

- translation of marketing and business plan

- translation of advertising brochures

- translation of e-mail advertising campaign

- translation of newsletters

- translation of catalogs

- translation of other promotional materials

Our translations increase the chances of success of your advertising campaigns.
Website present your company abroad while attracting foreign customers. If you want to do business abroad, it is necessary to translate the website.

Website translation requires the consistency of the professional translators and web experts needed to put a translated website on the internet.

Website translation is especially needed in the tourism sector, because the most clients are foreign tourists.

For the website translation, contact us with confidence, and we can offer you the highest quality translation at affordable prices.

Translating websites pays off many times over because you will be offering your product or service to the EU market. Investing in a quality translation of a website will leave a good impression on the reader.
As an attractive tourist destination, Croatia attracts an increasing number of tourists from all over the world throughout the year.

According to the latest research from 2015, over 85% of guests are informed online about the accommodation location, what places they should check and all about interesting events. 
Therefore, all participants in the promotion and development of Croatian tourism, the Croatian Tourist Board, tourist offices, tourist agencies, hotels and private tourist accommodation and catering facilities must provide multilingual translation of tourist websites, multilingual translation of tourist brochures, multilingual translation of tourist offers and other tourist materials. .

Professional translation of tourist materials with potential clients leaves an impression of seriousness and credibility.

Even if your tourist offer is not related to the Adriatic area, but to continental Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia or Montenegro, we can offer you the translation of tourist texts that will provide a potential client with enough information and digital communication to decide on your offer.

Translations of tourist websites and advertising materials intended for Internet users are extremely important for the presentation of a tourist destination. What used to be travel brochures in travel agencies today are websites and owning your own multilingual website has become a necessity today.